Emily Rodger: Gold Medal at the 2016 World Championships

September 09, 2016

"Daily life alone is taxing on the body, then add in hours of training and you are bound to eventually get worn out. 
As an athlete, I am constantly putting my body through stress, both physically and mentally. I know the importance of recovery and take it very seriously. I recover on my recovery days and train on my training days. I was doing everything I knew to do but could feel that I was not only reaching a plateau but starting to regress in my training. Being in tuned with my body, I knew I was becoming unbalanced and was fearful I was on a slippery slope to burning out.
I had met Greg a couple of years ago while out on a ride and asked him about Liv9 and his product. It all made perfect sense to me but I felt like my body was performing at its optimal level and I was "good". I have never been one to take vitamins or minerals and focused on trying to receive everything my body needed through healthy eating etc. Fast forward to when I started to no longer feel "good"...
A few months ago I was beginning to constantly feel lethargic and recovery was taking longer than usual. Nothing had significantly changed in my training regiment and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't feeling good. Then I remembered my conversation I had with Greg that day out on the bike. I couldn't track down his name fast enough! 
Fast forward to now. Not only did I get back to where I was when I was feeling my best but now I know that what I thought was "my best" wasn't my best after all. 
Liv9 is "founded on the principles of innovation, purity, quality and service". As I read these principles, I cannot help but realize that this is exactly what I expect out of my body. A perfect match."
Emily Rodger