Nat Couture: Recovery, Recovery, Recovery

August 25, 2016

Needless to say my first big race didn't go quite according to plan, but despite this I managed to finish, which is good and bad. It's good, because I now have my Western States qualifier in the bag for 2017, but my body is ridiculously beat up from grinding out the last 75 miles.Yes, I'm chuckling right now as I write that. A week has passed since the race took place and I've been focused on two things, first getting lots of rest and second, getting my body mechanically back in race condition, as I only had two weeks between events. For the first part I basically just decided not to run much and try to get some extra sleep, easy enough. For the second part, I basically had to rehab my feet and get some serious nutrition in me. For the feet, I started by draining about a hundred blisters, applying polysporin, tape, band-aids and whatever else I had with me just so I could get some shoes back on my feet. After a few days they dried out and started to heal. I also picked up some Zim's Crack Cream, which I've found to be a great product for fixing feet. I've now got quite a bit of extra skin and caluses that I'll need to remove this week, but I'm quite pleased with how they are coming along. The feet should be good as new for this next race. On Saturday I felt so good I went for a short run and had to force myself to stop running as I didn't want to turn it into a workout. I stopped after 6k, so nothing crazy, but the way I felt was very promising. It's now Monday and I plan to head up to Gaspe on Friday to take on the next 100 mile race. It will be my 7th 100mile race in 7 years of running ultra marathons and I believe it will be my 15th ultra. The other crazy thing is that this will be my third ultra this month, which is absurd. If this goes well though, perhaps I'll look to tackle something like the Grand Slam of ultrarunning someday, which is four 100 milers in a summer. I'll think about that another day, for now I still have one more run to worry about.