Shelley Doucet: Flagstaff, Arizona Training Camp Update

January 18, 2017

"I just finished a hard workout in Flagstaff! It sure is hard to breath when running fast here. I have no doubt that my Liv9 Balance and Energy multivitamin, along with my custom compounded iron supplementation is helping me adapt to the higher altitude. Using custom compounded recovery blends is also helping me to recover faster after my workouts.

I had my blood work monitored before starting supplementation then again just prior to arriving in Flagstaff and I am healthier now. If you are looking to have a strong and healthy 2017, you should really reach out to the amazing team at Liv9. They are local (NB), super helpful, and will make products that are unique to your needs (e.g. staying injury free, addressing out of range blood work, etc). They ship across Canada too! Message me or the Liv9 team if you have any questions!"