Liv9 Story

Liv9’s founder, Greg MacFarlane, is an avid exercise enthusiast who has long been committed to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. As a pharmacist he has a refined understanding of the positive role vitamins, minerals, and plant based bioactive compounds can play in immune function, metabolism, athletic recovery and general health.

Greg’s journey to an active lifestyle began over 25 years ago on a solo cycling trip in Sweden. The benefits of proper diet and exercise have always been the foundation of his personal and professional life. However, as many realize: age, family and work commitments can consume much of our personal time, creating societal acceptance around a culture of inactivity.

Then 10 years ago while spending a weekend skiing with his family, Greg began realizing how short of breath he’d become after minimal exercise. He knew something needed to change. In the weeks following, Greg moved back to his solid foundation of proper diet and exercise.

During this time Greg began experimenting with mass-produced nutritional supplements. He immediately realized that his body did not react well to the binders, fillers and dyes found in these products. This is where Liv9 started. A long time compounding pharmacist, Greg knew it was possible to create something better and healthier. So he did.

From his pharmacy in Nackawic, New Brunswick, Canada Greg started a patient centered service developing custom formulations without unnecessary ingredients. His goal was to meet his personal needs and those of his customers while ensuring pure evidence based formulations.

Greg was receiving regular requests to prepare custom formulations for clients aged 30 to 70 years. Most were looking for a supplement that supported their overall health, helped to mitigate the effects of daily stress, and supported their energy and recovery needs when partaking in daily activities.

Liv9’s first product, Liv9 Balance and Energy was developed to fill this gap in the market and to provide ‘what a body needs and nothing it doesn’t’. In his 20 years of custom compounding, Greg has developed numerous unique evidence based formulations, including well over 100 individualized nutritional supplements.

Liv9 is a Canadian life sciences company. Founded on the principles of innovation, purity, quality and service, the team at Liv9 are driven to design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality products backed by scientific research. As a company, Liv9 melds all of these characteristics into products we feel you will value and will benefit your life.